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By Nunn, Stay with a group of friends 

The villa was immaculate, the staff were super friendly and helped us with anything we needed.

The pool is incredible, the garden is super relaxing with little rock pools/ponds placed around the villa to help it feel even more tropical.

The location is quiet but easily walkable in two minutes to the main strip.

Our entire stay was perfect, couldn’t of asked for anything more.

Thank you so much guys!


By Denise. Two older couples from Australia. 

The house is very comfortable, separate bedrooms, private bathrooms and open living, dining area with a massive screen for movies. It was the beautiful garden and pool where we mostly spent our time.

It was a lovely place close to everything but far enough away to enjoy some relaxing time away from the busyness of Gili T.

Gde, although not in Gili T, kept in close contact with us and Herman attended to our every need.

We were very happy with him and the level of care we received. He organised a number of transfers for us and supervised the transfer of our luggage etc.

We would definitely recommend this place and would definitely stay here again.. Thank you Gde and Herman


By Arni, Iceland

Family with 3 kids.

The Ambary House is the best we have experienced during our stay in Indonesia. The villa is beautiful and very clean. The location is very good, only a 2 – 3 minute walk to the main street, restaurants etc. but still you don´t hear anything from the beach bars which is perfect when travelling with children. We are sure that this is the best villa in Gili. We stayed for 8 nights.

Not only is the villa perfect but the service is exceptional. First of all Gde, the owner, was very helpful prior to our stay.

This is our first time in Indonesia and Gde, was extremely helpful. Not only regarding preparing for our stay at Gili but he also gave us great recommendation for Ubud hotels and he arranged everything regarding the fast boat to Gili from Bali (and was able to get us a better deal on the price).

He is really willing to go the extra mile.

When we arrived in Gili, Herman who manages the Ambary House greeted us by the harbor. Herman and his colleagues are fantastic. We were treated like royalty the whole time we were there. They gave us great breakfast every morning with eggs (we could choose what type of eggs we wanted, scrambled, sunny side up etc.), pancakes, fresh juices and fruits. When it was raining one evening they even offered to go and pick up dinner for us. They also arranged to get rental bikes for us with a child seat.

Our kids (13, 7 and 3) loved the guys, they were so nice to the kids.

To top it off Herman arranged a trip for us a 1 day trip to Lombok. That trip is something we will never forget. Great trip around the island but the best thing about the trip was that Herman had arranged lunch for us at the house of his family.

There they served us with fresh fish and great Indonesian food. We will never forget their hospitality and the opportunity we got to experience the local culture, food and to meet Herman´s family.

The pool was great. The international TV channels are good. We and our children also loved the projector and the home cinema.

Even the Internet/wifi was good. We got a visit one evening to the Ambary House from a young couple which had been travelling in Asia for 4 months and they were surprised how fast it was.

Ok, perhaps not “US or European fast” but still my 13 year old daughter had the patience to watch her


By Tracy, Australia. Family with 3 kids.

If your going to Gili T you seriously should stay at Ambary House!

We booked direct and all was handled quickly with the owner. We stayed in July as a family (3 kids 13, 11 and 8) and they accommodated all of us no problem, in fact we felt as though we were not on top of each other at all.

A super comfy bed was set up for one of the kids in one of the rooms. The kids splashed around in the pool from the moment they got up till bed time while my husband and I loved that we could sit in the jacuzzi (which is incidentally the same temperature as the pool thank goodness!) without being splashed.

The place felt like our own wee haven on a very busy wee island. The staff were fantastic, from the scrummy breakfasts to the quick response for ice for our drinks!

The staff also were there at the boat to greet us, help with our bags and also the same when we were departing.

The place was spotless, beds were firm but comfy and the air con in each room a delight to retire in. We could not fault it nor can we say enough about the staff – overall extremely happy with our stay.



It marked the final party for them at the party island during this visit, albeit it was different this time as it was held at the alley in front of the house. It was held in the Gili T atmosphere of a tiny island where everyone on the whole island knows each other. Guests from other small accommodations met for the first time and have fun as if they had known each other for a long time.
The young guys spent 5 nights at the private villa and did not want to waste any minute of it, having fun at the party spots which are within walking distance from the house.
Both like going out, with Andrew seemed never to leave the house without his camera and Jens never do so without his guitar.
The staff told me they enjoyed hearing Andrew singing hip hop songs with his beautiful voice and recalled that Jens like playing blues.


From the first moment when he made the reservation and when I saw a photograph of him playing guitar, my initial response was he would be a good guest and so would his friend be.
Back to the party scene, Gili Trawangan is well known as a party island, in addition to its well known snorkeling and diving sites. Some bars stay open until 2 am.
One big party is allowed to last until 4 am, which is rotated so that there is only one such party on one particular night.
Currently the schedule is Blue Marlin rave party on Monday nights, Wednesday nights at ‘Shipwrecked Bar’ at the ‘Tir na Nog’ Irish bar with a mix of funky house music,
Friday night parties at New Rudy’s Bar, and Reggae music on Thursday nights at Sama Sama bar and Quiz night at Trawangan Dive (Bar) also on Thursdays.These bars are mostly within 5 – 10 minute walking distance from Ambary House. Dark moon party and full moon party. Saturday nights at Sama-Sama and Sunday nights at Evolution.


Young Australians Paul and Alex often spent partying until the wee hours of the day during their recent one-week stay at Ambary House on the party island of Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan, amid a steady interest among your travelers in one of Southeast Asia’s most famous party islands.

The full moon party in the island may not be as crazy as that of the full moon party at Thailand’s Koh Phangan island but still Gili Trawangan, which also offers top snorkeling and diving sites around it, is filled with top notch party places where you can have some drinks, meet new friends and dance all night.

“It’s not unusual for us to wake up at two or three o’clock in the morning, hearing our guests unlock the entrance gate and walk into the inner area of the villa,” said Rian, an Ambary House staff who has been working for the villa since it was still in construction period. The staff live in an annexed building near the villas’ entrance gate.

Ambary House, which is located in a quiet lane several blocks behind the party area in the southern part of the island, recently received a steady stream of guests mostly young men and women in their twenties with many staying more than three days, spending their nights out in the bars such as Irish Bar Tir Na Nog and the New Rudy’s that line up the main street about five minutes away.

It was a pity I was away from Gili Trawangan when both Paul and Alex were staying in the island but they must have made many new friends during their stay on the island, including with Ambary House staff especially Arief with whom they had had beers and done a snorkeling trip together around the three Gilis : Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Paul later wrote in a review about his stay at Ambary House on : “We got along with Arief so well we insisted he leave the villa and come snorkeling with us one day which was lovely ….We will never forget him or the kindest he gave to us.”

Back to the party scene, some bars may stay open until 2 am on the island but only one big party is allowed to last until 4 am, which is rotated so that there is only one such party on one particular night.
Currently the schedule is Blue Marlin rave party on Monday nights, Wednesday nights at ‘Shipwrecked Bar’ at the ‘Tir na Nog’ Irish bar with a mix of funky house music, Friday night parties at New Rudy’s Bar, and Reggae music on Thursday nights at Sama Sama bar. These bars are mostly within 5 – 10 minute walking distance from Ambary House.


A group of fresh college graduates from North America dropped by at Ambary House late last year as part of a journey through Southeast Asia for a documentary film, interviewing people they met along the way, including myself, about a pivotal point in our lives in the hopes of obtaining a deeper sense of what happiness is across different cult20141017_145849ures.

It’s a very interesting subject for me and very relevant as well after a pivotal point in my life under which I decided about four years ago not go back to my long-time profession as journalist despite being comfortable doing it for decades but
rather taking the plunge as an entrepreneur with all the associated uncertainties. It’s not been an easy thing even four years down the road.

“This film is for t
hose who are unsure of their next move in life; whether they are a graduate, recently laid off, unemployed, or employed but feel there may be more to life that they are missing out,” the college graduates wrote on their funding page.

The group, consisting of director/cinematographer Graham Sicalowski (white T-shirt), assistant director/cinematographer Max Bailey (grey T-shirt) and producer/interviewer Addie Sherman (not pictured here), asked me to rank six most important things in my life whether it is money first or second followed by career, community, family etc.

All the best for all the three of you.












Frequent travelers Jessi and Andre from Germany came as guests staying for just one night at Ambary House in October last year but left as friends, sending me these old pictures earlier today and reinforcing long-time friendship.In my view, this vacation rental business –of which Ambary House is in– should offer the opportunity for the hosts not just to earn extra income but make new friends while both the hosts and the travelers having the opportunity to learn something new be it arts, architecture, language or anything from each other.

Jessi and Andre unfortunately were unable to extend their stay then as the house had already been booked for the following days. They moved to another accommodation on the island. Still, they came to visit us again when they were about to leave the island. We took pictures and had a long chat on many things including the opportunity for my daughters to study in a small student city where Jessi and Andre live.

Many thanks again Jessi and Andre. Please keep in touch.


Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan still retains its well-earned reputation as a wild party destination with cheap accommodation. Whilst that is partially still true, the tiny island has matured into a destination that is increasingly becoming popular for travelling families staying in expensive hotels and villas.

Snorkeling, diving, beautiful beaches, close proximity to Bali – takes only about two hours from Padang Bai in East Bali – and of course the absence of motorized vehicles in the tiny island are among the factors that have made Gili Trawangan an increasingly popular tourist spot for families and for wedding. For pictures of activities on Gili see

Brazilian Armando Bevilacqua Junior spent a week with his two adult daughters and wife in Gili Trawangan in late August, staying at Ambary House. A director at a construction company in Sao Paulo, south Brazil, Armando liked spending time on the beach with his daughters, snorkeling or diving or just relaxing during the day.

“Nothing, just relaxing in the beach,” Armando liked to say with his broad smile when asked what’s his plans for the day during his stay in Ambary House. His wife, daughters Sabrina who is a journalist with an interest in environmental issues, and younger sister Isabella would usually stand behind him agreeing.

Armando and his family, unlike many other families who have stayed in Ambary House, did not rent a bike even for a single day during their one-week stay, preferring a long walk instead. The family, among few Brazilian tourists in Gili Trawangan, have travelled to many Muslim countries in the Middle East along with countries in Europe and America. This was their first visit to a Southeast Asian country and expected to go to other countries in the region next time.

I asked Armando how he manage to have the whole family travelling together in various countries every year given the daughters are already grown up and may have their own interest which could be different from that of his, the soft spoken director who has been working for the same company for decades said the daughters could have their own time, pursuing own interest such as going to parties on their own.

He, however, said it would be harder to go together as a family once the daughters got married.

@Matthias Garke, a German businessman in the wood processing business, also stayed for about a week in Ambary House, spending time on Gili’s beaches with his wife and two boys.

I was not in Gili when he was staying in the villa but we spoke on the phone and at one time explored ideas about the possibility of importing furniture from Indonesia. Travelling with the family while exploring possible business opportunities might be a good idea though doing so may risk protest from family members.