Boat and Stay Package


Boat & Stay Package

Stay at a minimum of 3 nights at 2-bedroom private villa, Ambary House, and get one free return ticket Bali-Gili Trawangan. Valid September-November 2017 for boats plying Bali Gili via Padang Bai harbor in east Bali. Book direct and get an additional 10 percent discount. Please email your arrival details to [email protected]

Terms & Conditions

  • Subject to availiability and hotel confirmation.
  • Offer components are nontransferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Only valid for one stay.
  • This offer may not be combined with other promotions, offers or discounts.
  • Fastboats operated by some of those highly rated on including Blue Water Express and Gili Getaway.
  • We retain the rights in selecting the shuttle bus and fast boat operator.
  • The package excludes horse-drawn carriage from Gili Trawangan harbor to Ambary House should guests prefer to have one.

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Payment & Cancellation

  • Reservations are final and require a 15 percent down payment.
  • Once a reservation is confirmed, you will be asked to transfer payment to Ambary House’s Paypal account.  You may pay using credit cards.
  • The remaining payment may be made one day before checking out.
  • No refunds for the downpayment if cancelled or changed.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Length of trip, schedule etc

  • Should we take the morning or afternoon trip? We would prefer to take the morning trip as the straits between Bali and Gili/Lombok tend to be calmer in the morning.
  • What is the pick-up and drop-off schedule? For those departing from Ubud and Kuta and surrounding areas, you should be ready to be picked up by the shuttle bus at 0700 AM if you take the earliest trip. For those departing from Gili Trawangan, the earliest departure time is around 0800 AM.
  • Will the bus driver drop us off at our hotel in Bali? The shuttle bus driver will pick you up at your hotel in the main tourist areas of Ubud and Kuta and surrounding. Other areas may incur additional charges. Please provide the name and address of the hotel. However, certain fastboat operators  may only drop you off at designated drop-off points such as in the parking lot of Coco Super Market in Ubud. From there, you may take a taxi.

FAQ about Fast Boats

Can you recommend good fast boat operators?

The number one recommendation is BlueWater Express. They are known to have the highest safety standard and the choice for those who prioritize safety, comfortability and reliability over price. The cost of one-way trip is around IDR 790,000.
If budget is your concern, Sindu Express offers another option for better value.
It’s not as highly-rated as the others on TripAdvisor but from our experience, it’s reliable.
They also operate relatively larger boats from many of their competitors.
One-way trip with Sindu Express costs around IDR 250,000.
For something in between or extra alternatives, there are Scoot Cruises, Gili Cat, Gili Gateway, Eka Jaya among many others. Feel free to contact us if you’d like our help to book the tickets or if you have any other question.

What do we need to prepare for a fast boat trip?

Whenever possible, the best time to go by fast boat is in the morning as the strait between Bali and Lombok tends to be calmer. The sea can get rough during windy or bad weather, so it’s best to have an extra day or backup plan in case all marine traffic is temporarily closed for safety reason. It’s a good idea to bring some snacks, water and  sea sickness tablet with you.

It is necessary to book fast boat tickets in advance?

Most fast boat companies have online booking system on their website and it’s a good idea to book your tickets before your departure date, especially during the peak season. We’ll also be happy to reserve the tickets for you through our agents.

Is one-day trip to Gili Islands possible from Bali?

It’s recommended to spend at least one or two nights to fully experience what Gili Islands have to offer. Boat departures in the afternoon is rare due to less-than-ideal sea or weather condition. Boat schedules may also sometimes be cancelled unexpectedly for safety reason so it’s advised to have a day to spare. Booking your flight on the same day as your boat is also ill-advised.

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We disembarked at a pier and waited 10 minutes inside an open air waiting area with free wifi. When our luggage arrived the crew divided the passengers into groups based on hotel location, and sent us off in air-conditioned transfer vans. So it wasn’t the bile-raising experience I was expecting. No opportunities for daring heroics. No drowning laptops. And a big step up from the rusting pile of metal that took me to Ko Chang.

Selected fastboat operators

gili getaway

Gili Getaway rated highly on excellent service

Among the highest rated fast boat operators by travellers, Gili Getaway fastboats depart from Serangan Harbor in south Bali to the Gilis. Effective administration and preparation as well as excellent communications with its passengers are seen as key advantages of the operator compared to its competitors.


Gili Getaway

Departs from Serangan Harbor in south Bali. Over 500 reviews

tripadvisor 4.5

The first and longest running operator on Bali - Gili route

Blue Water Express pioneered the fast boat service from Bali to the Gili islands in 2006. It is the longest running operator on this route. It said it put an emphasis on safety, professionalism and guest satisfaction in all its services.


BlueWater Express

From Padang Bai harbor in east Bali and Serangan in the south. 500 reviews.

tripadvisor 4 rating
freebird express

Freebird Express a newcomer on Amed - Gili route

Freebird Express is a new comer on the Amed-Gili route, with large and luxurious boats. It said the boat is inspected frequently to make sure it meets all safety requirements.


FreeBird Express

From Amed harbor in east Bali. Around 150 reviews as of August 2017.

tripadvisor 4 rating