Wild party island becoming more popular for family tourists

Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan still retains its well-earned reputation as a wild party destination with cheap accommodation. Whilst that is partially still true, the tiny island has matured into a destination that is increasingly becoming popular for travelling families staying in expensive hotels and villas.

Snorkeling, diving, beautiful beaches, close proximity to Bali – takes only about two hours from Padang Bai in East Bali – and of course the absence of motorized vehicles in the tiny island are among the factors that have made Gili Trawangan an increasingly popular tourist spot for families and for wedding. For pictures of activities on Gili see pinterest.com/ambaryhouse

Brazilian Armando Bevilacqua Junior spent a week with his two adult daughters and wife in Gili Trawangan in late August, staying at Ambary House. A director at a construction company in Sao Paulo, south Brazil, Armando liked spending time on the beach with his daughters, snorkeling or diving or just relaxing during the day.

“Nothing, just relaxing in the beach,” Armando liked to say with his broad smile when asked what’s his plans for the day during his stay in Ambary House. His wife, daughters Sabrina who is a journalist with an interest in environmental issues, and younger sister Isabella would usually stand behind him agreeing.

Armando and his family, unlike many other families who have stayed in Ambary House, did not rent a bike even for a single day during their one-week stay, preferring a long walk instead. The family, among few Brazilian tourists in Gili Trawangan, have travelled to many Muslim countries in the Middle East along with countries in Europe and America. This was their first visit to a Southeast Asian country and expected to go to other countries in the region next time.

I asked Armando how he manage to have the whole family travelling together in various countries every year given the daughters are already grown up and may have their own interest which could be different from that of his, the soft spoken director who has been working for the same company for decades said the daughters could have their own time, pursuing own interest such as going to parties on their own.

He, however, said it would be harder to go together as a family once the daughters got married.

@Matthias Garke, a German businessman in the wood processing business, also stayed for about a week in Ambary House, spending time on Gili’s beaches with his wife and two boys.

I was not in Gili when he was staying in the villa but we spoke on the phone and at one time explored ideas about the possibility of importing furniture from Indonesia. Travelling with the family while exploring possible business opportunities might be a good idea though doing so may risk protest from family members.

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