Movie about Happiness in Different Cultures

A group of fresh college graduates from North America dropped by at Ambary House late last year as part of a journey through Southeast Asia for a documentary film, interviewing people they met along the way, including myself, about a pivotal point in our lives in the hopes of obtaining a deeper sense of what happiness is across different cult20141017_145849ures.

It’s a very interesting subject for me and very relevant as well after a pivotal point in my life under which I decided about four years ago not go back to my long-time profession as journalist despite being comfortable doing it for decades but
rather taking the plunge as an entrepreneur with all the associated uncertainties. It’s not been an easy thing even four years down the road.

“This film is for t
hose who are unsure of their next move in life; whether they are a graduate, recently laid off, unemployed, or employed but feel there may be more to life that they are missing out,” the college graduates wrote on their funding page.

The group, consisting of director/cinematographer Graham Sicalowski (white T-shirt), assistant director/cinematographer Max Bailey (grey T-shirt) and producer/interviewer Addie Sherman (not pictured here), asked me to rank six most important things in my life whether it is money first or second followed by career, community, family etc.

All the best for all the three of you.











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