Travel, Friendship and Vacation Rental Business

Frequent travelers Jessi and Andre from Germany came as guests staying for just one night at Ambary House in October last year but left as friends, sending me these old pictures earlier today and reinforcing long-time friendship.In my view, this vacation rental business –of which Ambary House is in– should offer the opportunity for the hosts not just to earn extra income but make new friends while both the hosts and the travelers having the opportunity to learn something new be it arts, architecture, language or anything from each other.

Jessi and Andre unfortunately were unable to extend their stay then as the house had already been booked for the following days. They moved to another accommodation on the island. Still, they came to visit us again when they were about to leave the island. We took pictures and had a long chat on many things including the opportunity for my daughters to study in a small student city where Jessi and Andre live.

Many thanks again Jessi and Andre. Please keep in touch.

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