Take lots of pictures, play the guitar and party hard at Gili T

It marked the final party for them at the party island during this visit, albeit it was different this time as it was held at the alley in front of the house. It was held in the Gili T atmosphere of a tiny island where everyone on the whole island knows each other. Guests from other small accommodations met for the first time and have fun as if they had known each other for a long time.
The young guys spent 5 nights at the private villa and did not want to waste any minute of it, having fun at the party spots which are within walking distance from the house.
Both like going out, with Andrew seemed never to leave the house without his camera and Jens never do so without his guitar.
The staff told me they enjoyed hearing Andrew singing hip hop songs with his beautiful voice and recalled that Jens like playing blues.


From the first moment when he made the reservation and when I saw a photograph of him playing guitar, my initial response was he would be a good guest and so would his friend be.
Back to the party scene, Gili Trawangan is well known as a party island, in addition to its well known snorkeling and diving sites. Some bars stay open until 2 am.
One big party is allowed to last until 4 am, which is rotated so that there is only one such party on one particular night.
Currently the schedule is Blue Marlin rave party on Monday nights, Wednesday nights at ‘Shipwrecked Bar’ at the ‘Tir na Nog’ Irish bar with a mix of funky house music,
Friday night parties at New Rudy’s Bar, and Reggae music on Thursday nights at Sama Sama bar and Quiz night at Trawangan Dive (Bar) also on Thursdays.These bars are mostly within 5 – 10 minute walking distance from Ambary House. Dark moon party and full moon party. Saturday nights at Sama-Sama and Sunday nights at Evolution.

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