Enjoy Bicyling in Party Island

A tiny island where no motorized vehicles exist, it is a paradise for slow, relaxing bicycle ride. Being a cycling enthusiast myself, I am immediately overjoyed to imagine a fine afternoon spent bicycling and exploring this beautiful island.

Once you’ve hopped off the boat you will notice the bike rentals everywhere. There are numerous choices of bicycles going from regular cruising/city bike, tougher cross-country mountain bike, fat bike, kids, tandem and even BMX. From the point of view of a mountain biker, I’d surely pick a good cross-country bike to wander the sandy terrain of the island. Expect to pay about IDR 25,000 to 100,000 for a day-long bike renting.

Plenty of choices to rent one

Best Way to Explore the Island

Bicycle is simply part of everybody’s daily life here. One of the best thing in Gili is the absence of roaring engine and pollution from car. We’d like to keep it that way so everybody rides. Tourists, local people, police officers they all rely on bicycles for their activities.

Going a complete circle by bike took me less than an hour.  Certainly, there is some hidden, off the beaten path further inland worth exploring, if you are up to the challenge.

The best time to ride is about 5 p.m. in the afternoon. From our villa, you can just head out and turn right by the main street until you finally get to the point where you can see the sunset from the beach.

But if you don’t feel like pedaling, some tourists enjoy long walk traversing the island. I did it once with a little bit of jogging in between and it took me just a little over an hour.

Another alternative is go around the island by horse-drawn carriage a.k.a cidomo as the locals say it, especially if you carry quite a lot of luggage.

Tourists I talked to with their bikes
Ambary’s bike at the beach

In the end, I must say that bicycle is the best way to get around the island when time-energy efficiency is put in to account. Surely you will come into agreement once you’ve felt smooth breeze of the wind in your face while pedaling. Furthermore, they say that you haven’t really stayed in Gili Trawangan until you have experienced a good day on the saddle.

Bikes parked by the beach
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