Indonesia’s president in Bali seeks to calm tourists amid eruption woes

(Ambary House news, Dec. 23) – Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, or better known as Jokowi, on Friday visited the famous Kuta Beach in the resort island of Bali as his government seeks to show to the world that it is safe to visit the island outside an exclusion zone comprising a radius of about 10 kilometers around eastern Bali’s Mount Agung.

Jokowi in a vlog said “I am here on Kuta Beach in Bali, island of the gods, this afternoon. And tourists, as you can see here there are a lot of tourists. So if you want to spend your holiday in Bali, in this holiday season, please come to Bali,” Jokow said.

Jokowi is an active social media user. In addition to ‘vlogging’, Jokowi is also active on Facebook and YouTube as well as Twitter and Instagram. His videos , hashtagged #JKWVLOG (Jokowi video-log) on Youtube,  depict his day-to-day activities in office and as well as a glimpse into his personal life.

Some of the videos show him tastinig local street food, others about his children and even his pet goats as well.

The government is desperate to lure tourists back to Bali as losses mounted to 11 trillion rupiah ($812 million) since a volcanic alert was first issued on Sept. 21, according to the nation’s disaster mitigation agency.

Bali had been expected to attract almost a million people in December and January, but with worries over the Mount Agung eruption, less than half of that figure were expected to visit the island.

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