The Alluring Exotic Fruits in Gili Islands

Whenever you walk along the fruits and vegetables section in a supermarket, chances are you’re not seeing all of the delicious, sweet fruits that the mother nature has to offer. Some fruits are probably very unfamiliar to you, while for us they are simply part of daily lives. That explains why many westerners I know are plain fascinated when they see weird-looking Indonesian fruits for the first time.

Enjoy Bicyling in Party Island

A tiny island where no motorized vehicles exist, it is a paradise for slow, relaxing bicycle ride. Being a cycling enthusiast myself, I am immediately overjoyed to imagine a fine afternoon spent bicycling and exploring this beautiful island.

Take lots of pictures, play the guitar and party hard at Gili T

It marked the final party for them at the party island during this visit, albeit it was different this time as it was held at the alley in front of the house. It was held in the Gili T atmosphere of a tiny island where everyone on the whole island knows each other. Guests from other small accommodations met for the first time and have fun as if they had known each other for a long time.

Gili Trawangan remains popular among young travelers

Young Australians Paul and Alex often spent partying until the wee hours of the day during their recent one-week stay at Ambary House on the party island of Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan, amid a steady interest among your travelers in one of Southeast Asia’s most famous party islands.

Movie about Happiness in Different Cultures

A group of fresh college graduates from North America dropped by at Ambary House late last year as part of a journey through Southeast Asia for a documentary film, interviewing people they met along the way, including myself, about a pivotal point in our lives in the hopes of obtaining a deeper sense of what happiness is across different cultures.

Travel, Friendship and Vacation Rental Business

Frequent travelers Jessi and Andre from Germany came as guests staying for just one night at Ambary House in October last year but left as friends, sending me these old pictures earlier today and reinforcing long-time friendship

Wild party island becoming more popular for family tourists

Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan still retains its well-earned reputation as a wild party destination with cheap accommodation. Whilst that is partially still true, the tiny island has matured into a destination that is increasingly becoming popular for travelling families staying in expensive hotels and villas.

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