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Take the morning crossing, the straits tend be calmer

The straits between Bali and Gili/Lombok tend to be calmer in the morning. It maybe more comfortable for many to cross one of the world’s deepest straits earlier in the day.

Earliest fastboats depart around 9 AM from any of the Bali harbors and around the same time from Gili Trawangan. During certain days of the year, the authorities do not allow fastboats to do the 2-hour trip to cross the straits due to safety reasons amid bad weather. Only bigger boats are allowed to do so during the stormy season.

Tourists walking at the beach

Bikinis on the beach or diveboat but not in villages

Bikini and swimwear are accepted on the beach or on a dive boat but not on the streets of Gili. There are signs on the streets urging tourists not do wear bikini on the streets of the island.


Calls to prayer 5 times a day

There are two big mosques on Gili Trawangan. Given that the island is so tiny, you may circle it in less than 2 hours by bike, the Muslim call to prayers five times a day starting at around 4-5 A.M may be heard all over the island.

During certain periods of the year in particular during the Ei al-Fitr Muslim celebrations, the calls may sound louder.  Ambary is relativelya bit far from any of the mosques and so far our guests find it not affecting the quality of their sleeps.

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